Home designs have evolved since the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s. During these years, split-level style was a favorite. These were marketed as the less expensive home options for those looking for a multi-story house. A split-level may sound fun and like a way to go seeing all that it offers – the interior spaces flow, the change in floor level creating a partial separation of spaces, visually connected from one level to the next. Split-levels are cool – but on the inside. It’s a completely different story altogether when you take a look from the outside.


It may be time to breathe in a new life to your split-level! The single-story side of your house can make a room for some creative inspirations. The main level could be enhanced with a false ceiling or skylights giving it an illusion of a bigger and more open space.


As we know, the typical split-level is made of two major surfaces, which are quite contrasting in their looks, but they result in perfectly smooth wall surfaces along with textured natural stones. This kind of mix complements the split-level house giving it a modern look altogether creating a perfect balance between the styles back then and now. 


A typical bi-house has room for expansion, especially at the back. You should take advantage of this, especially if you have a bigger family. This way you can upgrade your kitchen and it’ll automatically create more space for dining and other entertainment areas. Some of the smaller rooms can be combined and converted into slightly bigger rooms. This will create a sense of open space.

Natural light

The most common complaint of split-level homeowners is the lack of sunlight. Rather than larger glass panes, the windows comprise of grids as a distinctive feature. This leads to creating darker spaces within. The best yet simple fix would be to add windows. You could opt for casement windows or horizontal sliders that would also give your home a more modern look. Fixed glass is another option but that won’t be suitable for bedrooms that require an emergency escape and ventilation.

Roof color and material

The roof is often an overlooked aspect but is an essential part of a house’s overall look. In addition to its practical use, it enhances the look of the house if you pay attention to it in terms of its color and material. It must be picked in such a way that it complements the modern look you’re aiming for.

The exterior

A well-lit pathway to the front door creates an interesting look. Recessed lighting on the second level would illuminate the wall beneath, enhancing the natural stone on it. Accent lighting on either side of the front entry and translucent lights next to the garage doors to make your home look modern. The possibilities are endless. You just need to kick-start your creative instincts and your house wouldn’t be anything less than a masterpiece.